Some Imperial
Academy of Carida cadets on HoloHak are not happy about admiral’s resignation

By Nischit Talha

After Imperial Academy
of Carida Admiral Tiwol Fem announced his
resignation amid cadet protests over the academy’s
handling of species issues, many Caridans cadets took to HoloHak, an anonymous holomessaging
app, to react to the news.

While activists and
others on social holomedia have voiced their support on Twitterverse for the
movement and protests begun by the Caridan cadets, on HoloHak, the tone of the
reactions was very different. Many cadets used the anonymous app to question
the purpose of the protests and express anger and disappointment over Fem’s

HoloNet Realtime News
took a look at HoloHak, which uses galactic location to display holomessages in
a certain area or around a certain academy, and viewed holomessages posted by
users at the Imperial Academy of Carida campus. These were some of the most
popular holomessages on HoloHak at the Imperial Academy of Carida campus.
Popularity is determined by users voting up or down on holomessages they like
or dislike. The number of upvotes is displayed to the right of each holomessage.

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