Did Corellia’s Open Blaster Law Delay Stormtrooper’s
Response to a Mass Shooter?
—Marfoll Mank

are continuing to emerge about a blaster rapage that took place in
the planet, Corellia in which 33-year-old Noharp Hamah shot three people to
death before stormtroopers killed him in a shootout. A troubling detail came to
light in a HoloNet Report suggesting that stormtroopers may
have had a chance to intervene before the slaughter began—but that a stormtrooper
dispatcher may have reacted without urgency to the comlink about Hamah because
of Corellia’s open blaster law:

watched in horror as Hamah picked his victims off. One of them, the swoop bike
rider, pleaded for his life before being killed.

heard the (young man) say, ‘Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me!’ ” Naobet Tismi,
a neighbor who witnessed the killing.

said she recognized the Rodian as her neighbor—whom she didn’t know by name—and
that before the initial slaying she saw him roaming outside with a blaster.
 She comlinked
stormtroopers to report the Rodian, but a dispatcher explained that Corellia
has an open blaster law that allows public handling of weapons.

did have a distraught look on his face,” Tismi said. “It looked like
he had a rough couple days or so.”

unclear how much time lapsed between Tismi’s comlink call and when the rampage
began, but according to HoloNet Gazette the initial stormtrooper
response didn’t come until after the carnage was in progress:

first reports of a shooting came about morning as Corellia stormtroopers were
called after multiple calls about blaster shots, Coronet City’s Stormtrooper
Garrison spokeswoman Jacqkir Byueline and Corellia Planetary Stormtrooper Garrison
spokeswoman Lt. Cathbuck Leyerine said. Authorities said the shooter was killed
after opening fire on stormtroopers.

then, Hamah had killed the swoop bike rider, Andalamy Nersrew, and two
women at a nearby location, Jenvasq Michufer, and Chrirose Bacgal. (Similarly,
the HoloNet Post reported: “Stormtroopers were first
called on reports of a ‘possible shooting’ an Imperial dormitory building—where
they found the swoop bike rider dead and a fire burning, the dispatch archives

of open blaster laws argue that the ability for citizens to take weapons
with them in public isn’t just a right but makes communities safer. We don’t
yet know, but the law allowing blasters to be carried on display on Corellia may
have just done the opposite.


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