You know how deeply, deeply kriffed
up and fascist the Chiss Ascendancy’s Blue Lives Matter movement is? They even
defended Micslag Erhael, a Chiss who was caught shooting a fleeing Rebel eight
times in the back then deliberately planting evidence and lying
about it all ON HOLOCAMERA.

Hey, I’m critical of stormtroopers.
But even I’m willing to accept they have to kill people sometimes,
depending on the circumstances. The stormtroopers that shot the Ossus mass
murderer dead while he was firing at everyone? They did nothing wrong at all
and should be applauded for their actions. Nor should they face legal
repercussions. I am not unreasonable.

Blue Lives Matter folks, however,
are absolutely insane people who will never, ever accept that anything the
Empire does is bad. There is no gray area with them. Not ever. They are nuts.

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