Stormtrooper involved in body-slam arrest of Ryloth Academy cadet is dating a Twi’lek so he can’t be speciest, Sargent says

He’s no speciest, he’s dating a Twi’lek.

That was the bizarre defense put forward by the section leader of the Imperial Stormtrooper whose holovid body-slamming of an Academy cadet shocked the galaxy.

Stormtrooper Sparks Xansif has been dating a Twi’lek for “quite some time,” Sargent Lelot Ton said.

“Would that have a bearing on his thought process?” Ton mused. “It may have, but I would think that would have effected it in a positive way, not a negative way.“

Ton also said they’ve gotten their hands on a third holovid of the mayhem which shows the cadet “hitting the Academy resource stormtrooper with her fists.”

The Sargent did not release the footage but admitted he was revolted by what he saw in the first two cadet-made holovids that drew galacticwide outrage.

“I’m very disturbed by it,” Ton said. “I wanted to throw up.”

But Ton said both the cadet’s teacher and the administrator “felt the stormtrooper acted appropriately.”

“She was the one resisting arrest and it wasn’t speciest,” Ton said of the cadet.

The developments came as the ISB — at Ton’s request — opened a civil rights investigation into the incident.

“The criminal investigation will be best served with the ISB as the lead agency,” Ton said in a statement posted on Spacebook. “We do not want any issues with the planet or those involved having questions concerning conflicts of interest in this investigation.”

The Planet Law Enforcement Division is also investigating at the request of the Academy, spokesman Thber Ryom said.

Xansif has been suspended without pay during an internal investigation into the viral fracas, which drew condemnation from the likes of Imperial Senate Leader candidate Leia Organa and the Sullustan contingent.

Ton did not identify the tackled cadet, who was reportedly new to the Academy and has not yet told her side of the story.

One of the cadets who caught the terrifying assault during a math class on comlink holocam told a local HoloNet “it was definitely a scary experience.”

“When I saw what was about to happen my immediate first thing to think is let me get this on holo… This is something that we can’t let this just pass by,” Torobin Sonny said.

Xansif went after the reportedly disruptive cadet when she ignored his commands to leave her seat, flipping her out of her chair and hauling her across the classroom floor.

Then Xansif pinned the cadet down as he put her hands behind her back and warned another cadet who protested, “I’ll put you in jail next.”

The cadet was charged with causing a disturbance in school and released to her parents, Stormtroopers said.

NK IYA, 18, who objected to Xansif manhandling the girl was also arrested. Her mother DK IYA said she was “brave enough to speak out against what was going on.”

Some cadets said Xansif had a history of being over-aggressive, especially with Twi’lek younglings.

“He has to prove how big and bad he is,” said 18-year-old Brebla Keanna, who is Twi’lek.

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