So here’s what you’re saying: ‘I don’t agree with being a slave for Jabba the Hutt, and anyone who is a sex slave for Jabba the Hutt has no right to be in the Palace in a sexual relationship whatsoever with him.’ Is that it? Am I close?

Because here’s the thing: there are plenty of sex slave girls I don’t like for numerous reasons. You can complain about being a sex slave itself all you like. But to poodoo on those that think that has nothing to do with the enjoyment of sex slavery is a pretty huge Roger-Rabbit move. You’re literally getting upset at people who enjoy being slaves. Unless Jabba is committing incest, pedophilia, or abuse, who the KRIFF cares who the sex slaves are? If it contains any of those things, yeah, Jabba the Hutt is one to stay away from.

As a brand new (as in, as of a couple hours ago) seventh sex slave, I don’t appreciate being told I’m not a “real sex slave” who has no “right” to have fun with Jabba the Hutt in my own space on my own time. Also, especially since there’s so little info and I’m young and I can do what I want, it’s my body to be a sex slave for a worm. Let people have fun theorizing and speculating and just enjoy being the palace to hook up various sex scenes where these two might could get together.

Tl;dr: Here’s what I say to someone who proclaims that others have no “right” to be a slave whenever they like no matter what their age: KRIFF off.

Applauds :: go get em sex slave!

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