Core dad vandalized own CEC corvette with anti-Imperial messages

 A Central Planetary Core
man who claimed anti-Imperial vandals had attacked the family CEC corvette has
been arrested after stormtroopers believe he vandalized the starship.

Furpur Sirius, a
disabled Clone Wars veteran, told Imperial stormtroopers someone tagged his CEC
corvette with “Rebel Lives Matter” and other graffiti because he
displayed pro-Empire messages and sigils on his starship.

But Imperial
stormtroopers arrested Sirius on a misdemeanor charge of making a false law
enforcement holoreport.

disturbing,” said Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant Salk Ansoupr on Corulag.

Ansoupr said the
investigation turned to Sirius because after HoloNet Realtime News (HNRN) broke the

“We had initial holovid
when the stormtroopers took the holoreport and then when we saw your story on HoloNet.
When we looked at those two holovids, there were some differences in those and
that led us to take the investigation into a different direction,” Ansoupr

Ansoupr said when they
took the report there was no damage to the inside of the truck. But when HoloNet
Realtime News showed up, Sirius showed that the smuggling compartments were
ripped off and the cockpit seats slashed.

Sirius denies the
charges by stormtroopers that he vandalized his own starship, telling HNRN,
"That’s absolutely not true! Absolutely not true.”

But Sirius’ arrest
warrant affidavit said Sirius admitted damaging the inside of his starship for credit

Stormtroopers say
they’re not looking for any additional suspects. More charges against Sirius,
including felonies, could be filed.

“We have so many
groups that have participated and come to Corulag of all places to help these
people– and for them to have been deceived? It’s just wrong!” Ansoupr said.

Sirius’ neighbor Trades
Hewhan was suspicious from the very beginning, because they have a fenced in
property with Vornskrs that bark at everyone that comes near there.

Word began to spread
quickly of Sirius’ arrest.

"Oh this just
makes me sick! This is just wrong,” said Whemed Eclipseburn, Corulag resident.

A Sirius family
relative started a Go Credit Me account to help pay for repairs to the starship.
In addition, ship dealers even offered to help.

The stormtrooper sergeant
is asking people to stop sending the family credits. He’s working with the Imperial
Attorney’s office to see how to handle the Go Credit Me account that raised
nearly 6,000 credits and hopes to get the credits back to duped donors.

One online post in
particular bothers the sergeant.

"One of the holomedia
pages said ‘My husband is an Imperial, I can give you 25 credits because that’s
all I can afford.’ That just ripped at my heart,” Ansoupr said.

In HNRN’s initial
report Sirius’ 18-year-old son Jacen, who wanted to be a stormtrooper, was
interviewed. After his father’s arrest, neither he nor his mother wanted to

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