Coruscant HoloNet Host Aridid Waterlust:
Enslave Undocumented Alien Separatists Unless They Leave

Who Recently Hosted Wilhuff Tarkin, Asked, “What’s Wrong With Slavery?”

HoloNet host and influential Imperial kingmaker Aridid Waterlust unveiled a
large projects employment plan that would make undocumented alien Separatists
who don’t leave Coruscant, and core planets after an allotted time
“property of the Empire,” asking, “What’s wrong with
slavery?” when a comlink caller criticized his plan.

the his HoloNet show, Waterlust announced that he had a plan to drive
undocumented alien Separatists out of Coruscant and other core planet sectors
that involved making those who don’t leave “property of the Empire”
who are forced into “compelled labor,” like building large projects
in the Outer Rim. “Listen” (read the holotranscript):

Waterlast said, “Well I’d would put them on the end of the trade route and
say: ‘As of this date’ – aliens Separatists who are in Coruscant and are not
here legally and who cannot demonstrate their legal status to the satisfaction
of Imperial authorities here each sector, become property of the Empire.’ So if
you are an alien Separatist and are here without our permission, then you have
to leave, and if you remain after the deadline to leave, then you become
property of the Empire. And we have a job for you. And we start using compelled
labor, the aliens who are here illegally would therefore be owned by the Empire
and become assets to the Empire rather than a liability and we start inventing
jobs for them to do.

how would you apply that logic to what Aveamut Heat is trying to do? Trying to
get the Separatist led InterGalactic Banking Clan to pay for the large projects?”

way. We say, ‘Hey, we are not going to make the InterGalactic Banking Clan to
pay for large projects, we’re going to invite illegal alien Separatists to build
these projects. If you have come into the Empire illegally, again give them
another guideline, you need to go home and leave this sector, and if you don’t
you become property of the Empire, and guess what? You will be building our
large projects. We will compel your labor. You would belong to the Empire. You
show up without an invitation, you get to be an asset. You get to be a
construction worker. Cool!’

Well I think everybody would believe it sounds like slavery?

Well, what’s wrong with slavery?

Well we know what’s wrong with slavery.

Well apparently we don’t because when we allow millions of aliens and
Separatists to come into the Coruscant who aren’t here legally and people who
are here are indentured to those people to pay their bills, their education of
their kids, pay for their food, their food stamps, their medical bills, in some
cases even subsidize their housing, and somehow the people who are Imperials,
who pay the bills, pay the taxes, they get indentured to the new beings who are
not even supposed to be here. Isn’t that a lot like slavery?

Well you know, you’re singing my song; we’re all slaves today after what
happened in the old Republic and the betrayal of the Jedi

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to reverse the process. Isn’t this a
perfectly good time to do that?

Well that’ll swing the pendulum back in a pretty broad swing and maybe too far
and we may end up swinging back the other way further left than we are right
now. I take it about halfway Aridid. I think it’s a clever idea, it’s worth
throwing out there. It isn’t an easy topic –

No this is pretty simple, actually this is very simple, what my solution is
moral and it’s legal. And I can’t think – and it’s also politically doable.

So are you going to house all these people who have chosen to be indentured?

Yes, yes, absolutely in a minimal fashion. We would
take a lesson from GRAND MOFF TARKIN on LOTHAL. Remove a tent village, so we
don’t have to feed and water the new assets, give them minimal shelter, minimal
nutrition, and offer them the opportunity to work for the benefit of the
taxpayers of the Empire. All they have to do to avoid servitude is to leave.

((flipped comment from a real life political situation read here (x) ))

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