The Storify of our #RP with Mr. Freddie Prinze (@realFPJr) Voice of #KananJarrus in #StarWarsRebels (cc @VanMarshall)

The amount of work that Star Wars Actors Guild 77 to make that happen is astounding. We rehearsed, practice, wrote a lot, set up our social media campaigns and tried to show deference to the Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm/Disney content creators and VIP celebrities. 

The amount of grief we received as to how we RP. The amount of trolling our accounts from Tumblr to Facebook to Twitter gets all eliminated by this chance in the RP lifetime with the very person who created the persona of what everyone will see on the screen. 

And we had a lot of fun doing this roleplay. And really, we think Mr. Prinze enjoyed it himself. He was the consummate improv actor. Able to hold his own in true spontaneous roleplay. He did not godmod or metagame. It was one line after another. We hope he enjoyed himself with our fun. We hope that it made the other in Lucasfilm feel a bit safer with the integrity of the their character creations used by fans for social media entertainment and roleplay performance.

This is the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 method of roleplay performance and it took A LOT for the members to get to this position. I know I’m still high as kite on this interaction. I’ll probably ride it all week long. 

I’m not gloating. I’m just happy that we were able to do this RP performance with a celebrity.



PS, I’d also like to thank Vanessa Marshall for giving me the courage to continue with what I do with the characters. I know I really tried to get the performer for Hera, however, she has some real life concerns at the moment. Hopefully, that will change.

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