1) Congratulations Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall for your honorary induction in the Mandalorian Mercs.

2) Who says Death Watch and the True Mandalorians can’t speak to one another? Not all #Mandalorians are contentious and for those “all or nothing thinkers”, it that mentality that destroyed Malachor V. You all are no better than hut’uun Siit. We are all Mandalorians. Solus Mando’ade!

3) This is #StarWars fandom at its best! It took just a nice civil conversation to get the ball rolling to connect our celebrities to the right costume builders to create the best for them — and one go-between who know how to connect the two — ME! All because of my organization: The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 can bring abstract concepts together and design a common goal to achieve a greater purpose. We have been trained to serve our communities.

4) I’m just happy I could help facilitate this. This is what geeks me out about Star Wars and fandom.

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