Exciting news today! Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise

SWAG 77 has learned at 1:30 PM PDT on October 30, 2012 Bob Iger, CEO of Disney and George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and outgoing CEO of Lucasfilm Ltd. Announce that Disney is buying the Star Wars Franchise worth $4.05 Billion.

Reasons were many…

They wanted to buy it, run it and expand it! Said in an undisclosed call made to investors.

George Lucas sat down with Kathleen Kennedy and interviewer to discuss the future of Star Wars. Movies will be made and currently writers are drafting up from George’s first treatments of Star Wars: Episodes VII, VIII, IX.

On the conference call there was discussion on a “Star Wars Channel” on Disney XD

Moreover, there will be more games dedicated to social media and mobile technology vs. console technology, although consoles are not ruled out, the focus will shift.

These are exciting times for the Star Wars franchise. Only Disney can do this kind of production. We congratulate them on their efforts and hope to be a part of the franchise involved in social media!

May The Force Be With You, Always…

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