Bo-Katan: Fem-Mando and Mandalorian Death Watch Lieutenant

She is confident, sardonic and deadly…

Created by Mr. Dave Filoni and his team at Lucasfilm to add an edge to the Mandalorians, specifically Death Watch that has not been seen in any of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

She is a fighter, a lieutenant and a leader. She is well respected among her squad of the Death Watch Night Owls. She stays strong in the midst of battle. But her story is being written as we speak.

What makes her so compelling as a character is she is the equivalent of the other Sci Fi movie genres of a “Femme Warrior”: Mass Effects 3 has FemShep; Star Trek: Voyager has Seven of Nine; Firefly has Zoe Allyene Washburne; Babylon 5 has Susan Ivanova ; and The Avengers Movie has Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

What is unique among these characters is each of them served their government/entity as officers and fight wars similar to their male counterparts. It gives girls and young women the ability to think they are more than “hood ornaments” in movies and expand their roles.

While it has happened in the past, “Femme Warriors” are rarely demoted to women in refrigerators trope because it would destroy the entire plot of the story. These women may serve under men, but they also carry the story. Out of all the media, the FemShep and Seven of Nine, and to a lesser extent Susan Ivanova have given the look and feel of feminine leadership in the military.

It is time that Star Wars, one the most popular Space Operas across all generations, does the same.

Star Wars has chosen Lieutenant Bo-Katan!


has been pleased to announce to be performing our version of Bo-Katan at the SWAG 77 fan table at Star Wars Celebration 6: In cosplay and on social media. We have access nodes on:

There has been a challenge to performing Bo-Katan on social media due to the ignorance of the Mandalorian Death Watch and lack of fandom of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Most fans, who are male, have ONLY read Karen Traviss’ books on Death Watch. For whatever reason, they incapable of opening their minds to critically review at all the aspects of an entire story, rather than the dogmatic view fabricated in their minds. They coerce other people to believe their lies, suggesting it is canon, when infact is is not a part of the canon or continuity. It is fan fiction. Those who disagree with them showing literal text from the main Star Wars website and statements made by Lucasfilm and its employees are ostracized, ridiculed publicly and stalked with threatening comments on their walls. In another instance it often occurs to women who use social media as indicated by this link.

As a result, the Bo-Katan character has been cyberbullied and ostracized unless she is peformed in a manner that capitulates to a weak female underling or slave, which is NOT in her character — essentially thrown in the refrigerator.

Any young woman performing Bo-Katan on social media that stands up for herself  is a threat to most Mandalorian male players and their insecurities.

This bodes true for any strong female character, especially in games being examined by Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian in her Kickstarter studies, and an article written by the Mary Sue where gamer girls and women are cyberbullied.

Nevertheless, SWAG77, a minority owned female company, applauds Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise in their creation of  the “Bo-Katan character” and giving many girls and young women hope as fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

With that we share the clip of Bo-Katan, without her helmet defending herself:


SWAG 77 note:

Bo-Katan will be a featured character at the SWAG 77 Fan Table at Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Celebration 6

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