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Tag yourself I’m FR-1701





Ryloth Academy Stormtrooper Sparks Xansif’s career marked with praise

The holodocument you must read says that Sparks Xansif is an outstanding Academy resource stormtrooper and not sued for using excessive force.

Within a short time, Xansif went from a virtually unknown Ryloth stormtrooper to the target of galactic wide vitriol after a holovid showed him apprehending a Twi’lek robbery suspect from her desk in the academy using approved Imperial procedures.

Court holodocuments and a stormtrooper department holonewsletters support the findings.

Xansif has not responded to the HoloNet Realtime News’ request for comment. But here’s what we know about the Ryloth stormtrooper… [redacted and classified] 

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