Jabba the Hutt: Organa’s Focus On Transgenders Equality Is Proof “The Aliens Have Already Landed”

Premiere HoloNet Networks’The Jabba Hutt Show:

JABBA THE HUTT: Senator Cen Sotiso at this moment addressing the Imperial Senate of the Galaxy, saying that Iridonia is not going to allow Outer Rim to be under the Separatist Holdouts. Not going to stand there any longer and put up with it. We are not going to allow, he says these are his words, we are not going to allow a genocidal regime a free and clear path to weapons to wipe out Iridonia. We are not going to allow it. Now that might awaken Organa from whatever he’s focused on here, on where transgenders urinate and defecate. Which seems to be the Partisans focus of the day. Which is why I am convinced that aliens have already landed here and are living amongst us.

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