Sabine Wren Has Force Powers

There has been a lot of speculation about Sabine Wren ever since the release of the second Ahsoka trailer. In one scene, Sabine addresses Ahsoka Tano, a well-known Jedi who managed to survive order 66 as a ronin, saying “You made things easy for me – Master.” Additionally, there are other scenes in the trailers where Sabine appears to reach for a mug using telekinesis and is seen fighting a Dark Side user named Shin Hati, who tells her she has no power. Based on these scenes, we believe that Sabine Wren possesses Force powers.

In Star Wars Rebels, it was indirectly shown that the main character had subtle abilities related to the Force. However, most of her power was suppressed due to the Mandalorian belief in only one way, known. Those subtle ways were how smart she was at the Imperial Academy before she left, how she knew her way around weapons and explosives creating thermal detonators with paint, and how she fought by jumping in the air. But, all those abilities could be from Mandalorian training which all children receive at an early age.

However, in Star Wars Rebels “Vision and Voices” S3:E11, the Dathomirian Nightsister ghosts possessed Sabine Wren and she was able to fight with a powerful Mandalorian weapon built by the first Mandalorian that was inducted into the Jedi Order, Tarre Vizsla, Sabine’s ancestor. When the possession ended, the ghost left some kind of Force that activated her powers. Then, Maul dropped the Darksaber on the ground, where Sabine picked it up, brought it back with her on Atollon, and gave it to Kanan Jarrus, the Jedi, for safe keeping. She did not speak of it since that time.

Then Fenn Rau learned she had it in Star Wars Rebels “Trials of the Darksaber” S3:E14, and commented on how excited Sabine must have felt to recover it.

Kanan decided to train her to become proficient with a blade, the Darksaber, and reluctantly she agreed.

While she trained the Convor Owls, an avatar of the Mortis God, Daughter watched her learn to wield a “lightsaber” stick with Ezra Bridger walking her through the Forms. The green circle are the Convor Owls.

More on the connection of Sabine and Daughter.

Sabine became frustrated and angry with Kanan in that she was not learning as quickly as Ezra. She ran into the wilderness of Atollon and sat on the Bendu, a creature powerful in the Force that rested on the planet. The Bendu witnessed Sabine’s frustration when she explained it to Ezra.

In the same episode, Kanan answered Hera Syndulla with “No. Everything has the Force” to indicate that Sabine is blocked in the Force and her ability to learn how to use a lightsaber, the Darksaber, will be dangerous.

But Hera told Kanan to allow her to train on the Darksaber to its full power to make her commit to the teaching because Hera realized Sabine was already hurt and broken by her family, which scared her for life.

Eventually, Sabine wielded the Darksaber and connected to its crystal with all powers inside her, and then her Mandalorian stubbornness block was released. It does not mean she does not have powers like Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger, but she is on a continuum or spectrum of Force Powers. They are subtle and latent.

However, she could eventually blossom to full powers like those three Jedi.

Hypothetically, Ahsoka Tano had trouble training Sabine Wren because of her Mandalorian stubbornness, and so she walked away from Sabine.

It hurt her to have to walk away from Sabine.

This is the story headcanons we come up with based on the information presented.

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