Top 5 Ideas For Self-Care Strategies

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What strategies do you use to maintain your health and well-being?

I take care of myself in mental health and well-being in several ways to help me function in society. Here are my top 5 ideas for self-care strategies.

  1. Therapy. Without the guidance of a mental health provider, it becomes challenging to gauge the state of your mental well-being. A competent therapist can assist you in adopting healthy approaches to self-care, enabling you to nurture your overall mental health effectively.
  2. Mental Health Care Advanced Directive. Dr. Copeland, the creator of these documents, envisioned them during a mental health crisis as a way to guide the treatment and care you receive. They provide valuable insight into how you wish to be supported and what actions can contribute to your self-care. Think of them as a Health Advanced Directive for addressing critical mental health needs, ensuring that your preferences are respected and your well-being prioritized.
  3. Medication. At times, mental health medication becomes necessary. Despite the effectiveness of coping skills and therapy, there are instances where an extra boost is needed. Medication can work wonders in reducing intrusive thoughts, stabilizing mood swings, and alleviating anxiety. Remember, your brain, just like any other organ, can fall ill and require treatment.
  4. Exercise. Including weight-bearing exercises or isometrics in your routine can significantly improve insulin utilization in the body. Improper insulin use may lead to insulin resistance, which cannot be detected by standard laboratory tests. However, engaging in weight-lifting or isometric exercises at least twice a week can enhance the body’s insulin efficiency. Take the time to gradually establish an exercise regimen and consult your healthcare provider for additional guidance and information.
  5. Mindfulness. Finding calm amidst stress can be challenging, especially for individuals with mental health conditions. Engaging in mindfulness practices, often referred to as “brain exercises,” is an integral part of self-care. By starting with deep breaths, we enter a state of presence, paving the way for mindful activities. As our awareness heightens, we can skillfully transform challenging thoughts into positive problem-solving opportunities, aligning with our health goals and practicing effective self-care.

There are more stratagies I use to improve my mental health self-care and well-being, but these are my top 5 that I hope you will find beneficial for you: Therapy, Mental Health Advanced Directive, Medication, Exercise, and Mindfulness. Thank you very much for your time.

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