Nevertheless, the stories in both books will be similar and different. Thrawn is a Chiss. His homeworld may change, then again, it will be amazing. There are 2 different timelines: HTTE was 5-6 years after the Battle of Endor that has now changed in the new canon. Whereas, Thrawn is between ANH and at least Rogue One that we know about. That may change.

Zahn writes well in descriptors as to how his characters maneuver in this milieu we call Star Wars and its galaxy. He give his characters strengths that are obvious to see. Then builds up as one reads weaknesses. On the surface, it appears to be no weakness. Underneath and peeling off the layers, there are. Going into a Zahn book knowing that fact helps for a new Star Wars book reader. 

And, the way publishing is today, is a lot different from publishing 25 years ago. Multiple formats are published so everyone can read a book. HTTE only has a novel, an audiobook and a graphic novel. Thrawn will have its novel with audio, graphic novel, YA novel, children’s coloring book with a toy, etc. An array of products for the entire family to enjoy! Today’s publishing! 

But what about the Chiss and their culture developed over the years with games, etc. No fan really can tell. Guess we have to read.

Which brings us to fandom.

When we started this campaign we had fans that were cool to the idea of getting Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels and standing up for a cause. At the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Fan Table, we had T-shirts of artwork by Ella who jumped at the chance to draw Thrawn, we had a moniker: #KISSACHISS because at that time, there were no male alien body forms on display in Star Wars, which all changed after The Force Awakens. We had fun and games at the booth where all Thrawn cosplayers got treats, and all who won our games got a chance for a T-shirt.


Then we saw Dave Filoni examining our booth early one morning at Celebration Anaheim. Because we were at a distance, and because the owner was very sick (sore throat), there was no way to get there in time before he left. But we knew he knew about our campaign and at that time, a lot of naysayers.

Those naysayers at that time were haters of Disney. They wanted the EU (Expanded Universe) back at all costs they did not care what fans who were detractors thought. Dissent and you are ugly is their tyranny. They caused us at SWAG77 all kinds of hate and it hurt. Badly. That is why we are very harsh when we receive hate these days. Individuals will be blocked and their locations identified. That is how we roll these days. We are just a fan group. There are numerous others, fans can find wherever they fit. But if their fandom lies in hurting other fans: either due to their ignorance or newness based on racism, sexism, bigotry or hatred, then that is not a fan of Star Wars. And there a lot of HUGE Star Wars fans groups that promulgate those ideas.

Another issue is the new fans refusal or desire to not study the history of story development or storytelling. After being bashed for not knowing, but being able to write well explaining plot lines and reviews, not knowing the “tides of Star Wars continuities” because it is too much is choosing to feign ignorance and laziness. SWAG77 cannot work with fans who refuse to read books. Would not you want to learn how Thrawn does analyze artwork and music and why he is the way he is, albeit he is older in HTTE and much more patient, possibly arrogant? Telling us no means to us that Star Wars history means nothing and we cannot have a discussion. Avoidance is not fandom either. There are numerous concepts in Star Wars that are unliked, but that does not stop the reading of the books. One never knows what another will learn if reading is not cherished. 

It appears that the new canon books are being read at the same fervor as the Legends books anyway. Fans had better believe a double-market strategy is in progress: kinda like when a rap song takes a sample from an oldie song and both songs go back up the pop charts. When the rappers first did it, they were sued, until Will Smith added Stevie Wonder’s track to create his “new” Wild Wild West song.

Double-marketing. And that’s how the idea was sold to Disney Execs. They will double-market dip as much as they can to with Thrawn. First he’s blue, fave character to many Disney characters. Second, he uses art and music. 

WE ourselves sold this idea when we created this blog as the basis of our campaign. Very few fans have assisted us in that process. But hey, zero kriffs given about fandom and it can go kriff itself… That’s how hard we can be if some fans want to be ignorant and cruel. 

If you want to learn more, we encourage the study of our blog and material. And support bit.ly/ThrawnStore1 and paypal.me/SWAG77/25

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