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Star Wars Books art director Scott B sat down with us to answer some of your pressing questions about cover design, and share some never before seen concept art from a few of your favorite Star Wars novels.

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. We had a lot of fun with this and will do more in the future. And if you ever have questions about anything related to Star Wars books – we’re always happy to answer them.

(All questions were submitted by fans. They have been lightly edited only for grammar/spelling and concision.)

When in the development process are covers typically designed?

Once we have a synopsis and an outline, we generally start to look at covers. While fine details of a story can change over time, once the core idea of the book is set we start to talk about what would make for the best cover. We try to give ourselves as much time as possible since you never know how long the cover process might take.

Normally how many designs are made before deciding on the final cover?

It varies from book to book. It has ranged from as few as 4 or 5 designs all the way up to near 50. There’s no hard and fast rule as each book is a new challenge.

Who has the final say on the cover design?

That comes ultimately from our friends and partners at Lucasfilm.

Do authors get any input into the cover process?

Sometimes we go to the author for character descriptions, but authors are not really involved much beyond that. It is a discussion between us and Lucasfilm.

How do you find artists? Are they affiliated with Disney/Star Wars already, or do you take freelancers too?

We find them in many places, and we are always looking for the artist that best suits the job. Obviously the artist and art must ultimately be approved by Lucasfilm, but we have tremendous freedom to seek out artists from all over.

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