Gripe session from a #Mandalorian Man:

Fem-Mandos: We don’t hate you, if we did we wouldn’t kriff you, we wouldn’t
have adi’ikae with you. We wouldn’t even latat you!

We do however hate
many of your decision, we hate your inability to be a solution to the problems
of the Mand’ade when you are the sole cause of its ills, We hate how you wear
fake or seek to make your ‘gam less like ours, we hate how you have a geroya attitude
instead of being more core-like.

But we still love
your Manda pussy, We simply want you to change mentally and psychologically to
be more of the woman we know you can. We don’t hate you as a Fem-Mando, we love
you and want to see you become better than what you choose to be at this point
and juncture!

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