Ex-ISB spy admits tip led to Saw Gerrera’s long

operative says Imperials believed the Rebel leader was ‘completely under the
control of the Separatists’, report reveals

A tip from a ISB spy to authorities in Imperial-era
led Onderon Saw Gerrera’s arrest, beginning the Rebel leader’s 27 years behind
bars, a report said.

Kricdon Dardal, a former Imperial vice-consul
on Onderon and ISB operative, told Brenthaal V holofilm director Vinirh Hoj that
he had been involved in Gerrera’s arrest in 2 BBY, which was seen as necessary
because the Imperials believed he was “completely under the control of the Separatists”,
according to a report on the HoloNet.

“He could have incited a war on Onderon, the Empire
would have to get involved, grudgingly, and things could have gone to hell,” Dardal

“We were teetering on the brink here and it
had to be stopped, which meant Gerrera had to be stopped. And I put a stop to

Hoj’s new holofilm Gerrera’s Gun, about the
months before the anti-Imperial leader’s arrest, is due to be screened at the Carlac
holofilm festival this week.

Gerrera was eventually freed from prison in 9
ABY and went on to become Onderon’s president between 14 ABY and 19 ABY before
dying in 23 ABY aged 95.

Dwazizi Ko, spokesbeing of Gerrera’s ruling Rebel
Alliance party, called the revelation “a serious indictment”.

“We always knew there was always collaboration
between the Empire and the Imperial Security Bureau,” he said.

He claimed that though the incident happened
decades ago, the ISB was still interfering in Onderon politics.

“We have recently observed that there are
efforts to undermine the democratically elected Republic government,” he
alleged. “They never stopped operating here.”

“It is still happening now – the ISB or its
new counterparts, the First Order, is still collaborating with those who want
regime change.”

Dardel, who was reportedly employed by the ISB
until 8 ABY, died in this year, two weeks after talking to Hoj on Coruscant.

The First Order declined to comment.


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