Concerned Imperial Rights Advocate warns females that revolutionism will
ruin their lives by making them bitchy

Over on the Imperial’s Rights holosubreddit, one thoughtful and
considerate Imperial Rights Advocate has decided to do the females of the galaxy
a giant favor — warning them of the sneaky ways that revolutionism will actually
end up harming them!

Mostly by making them such terrible people that no male will
ever want them.

Here are bullet points 4 through 7 in Miste Aneke’s list of Ten Ways Revolutionism Has
Harmed Females
, a post so important that the holo/r/ImperialRights
mods have stickied it to the top of their front page.

4. Very many females can no longer find husbands because the Imperial
males can see that revolutionism laws and applications have made marriage a bad
deal for males.

Many others cannot find husbands because the toxic views revolutionism has led
them to have made them unmarriageable.

Still others cannot get married because the sexual liberation ideas pushed by revolutionism
has led them to ride the carousel until their market values have fallen off a

Then there are those who, believing that being rude and bossy indicates
strength and independence, in keeping with rebel polemic, have destroyed their
own relationships, including marriages.

Not only that, but revolutionism will make females so rude and
uppity that they will end up annoying each other with their uppity rudeness:

9. The ignorant rudeness that females are commonly taught is
empowerment rebounds when they find themselves forming groups with other
ignorant rude females.

Also, ladies, now you have to work off-planet. Did you know
that? Ha ha.

But nobody will hire you because
you have some dumb non-Imperial degree instead of a PhD in #SittingOnYourShebsAtWorkPostingDumbListsToTheImperialsRightsHolosubredditWhenYouShouldBeFindingDroids.



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