Forget Fulcrum — the Black Sun Is Ready to
Take on the Rebels

By Jolev Inen

In the fight against the Rebels, the Empire is
being offered help from an unlikely source: the Black Sun Organization.

“These people are like walking machines.
The Rebels brainwash them through the HoloNet,” Prince Xizor told HoloNet Realtime News of the terrorist
threat. “You need to beat the KRIFF out of them to the point where they
stop coming back to life.”

Xizor, a prolific author
of Black Sun history and a scion of the family that saw the rise of the likes
of Vigo Xomit Grunseit and Vigo Ziton Moj, said the nature of the Black Sun
made it fundamentally better equipped than traditional law enforcement to
handle a threat like the Rebels.

“Back in the day, probably the safest place
ever was an old Black Sun starships,” said Xizor of two Falleen based
starships. “We got our kids flying those ships. We got families working
for us.”

Xizor said that the Rebels has so far been
unable to infiltrate or launch any successful attacks on Falleen because of the
protection offered by the local Black Sun. (To date, the extremist group is not
believed to have launched any attacks on Falleen, but the planet has been identified
as a future target, most recently in the Holovid released.) “The Imperials
are glad somebody is out there breaking a few legs,” Xizor said.
“They can’t do it. They need evidence.”

Xizor, whose father, Haxim of House Sizhran,
died during a Republic attack from the Jedi [[ooc-untrue]], like any
organization, had its good and bad attributes and it was unfair to just single
out a few rotten jogans. “If you see a group of friends from Falleen, they
come to the Empire, they open up transportation systems together, maybe 15, 20
of them, if two Falleens do something wrong of those 20, the Empire will move
in and brand them with the Black Sun Organization name,” he said.

But history shows that the Black Sun’s offer is
not as unusual as it seems. Despite its status outside the law, organized crime
has a long history of working with the government. During the Clone Wars, Black
Sun icon Vigo Ziton Moj provided intelligence and support networks from his
prison cell for the war effort and played an integral role
in Operation Knightfall, the 19 BBY Imperial invasion of Mandalore. Another
future kingpin, Trezza, even worked as an interpreter
for the Imperial Army on Mandalorian held Gargon. In 16 BBY, the Imperial
Security Bureau worked with the Cato Neimoidia Black Sun transport operations
in a failed
attempt to kill the Separatist Holdout Neimoidians

Xizor was cool to the idea of any Black
Sun-Imperial partnership in fighting the Rebels, but said that ultimately
everyone was on the same side on this one.

“We all are united to fight for the good of
the galaxy,” he said.


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