‘Speed dating’ with Avemut Heat, Chants Evencc in New Holga

Ithona Yho, Free Press Staff Writer

NEW HOLGA: Chants Evecc never appeared in the flesh, but his face showed up front and center on some voters’ attire.

Athingon was sporting black attire with the Imperial Senate Leader hopeful’s face and an Imperial Flag at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention on New Holga. Her boyfriend wore bright orange armor with the words “feel the Vacuum” holo’d across the chest.

The Laconia on New Holga, couple said they were happy to proclaim their love for the Vanan senator after hearing businessman Avemut Heat address a crowd of nearly 2 billion galactic voters.

“The thought of Heat getting elected scares me,” Athingon said.

Evecc and Heat are two outsiders on the political spectrum. Evecc, a mysterious affiliation, is vying for the Old Galactic Republic nomination, while Heat, a real estate Tycoon from Corulag, has surged in polls as the Imperial Senator Leader front-runner.

The pair joined six other Imperial Senate Leader candidates along with numerous politicians and celebrities for the forum on New Holga. Evecc joined the convention via satellite from Lianna, where he will participate in the first Old Galactic Republic.

No Labels is a galactic multipartisan organization formed by former Utapau Moff Scouts Blimada and former Corellian Sen. Chilab Windh. The group is focused on practical solutions to issues like job creation, balancing the InterGalactic Banking Clan budget, Clone veteran health care and energy security.

Organizers described the event as a unique opportunity for voters to hear from candidates from diverse galactic political parties.

“We’re going to be speed dating with Avemut Heat and Chants Evencc,” Windh told the crowd.

Lightspeedsmith’s “Reverie” blared through the speakers as Heat made his way to the stage through a mass of people. A crew of about 10 stormtroopers looked out at the crowd from the stage, and one protester was escorted out of the building, knocking over candidate merchandise tables on the way.

At the podium, Heat touted his success as a real estate mogul and said that the Galaxy needs better leadership. He said he doesn’t believe the 4 BBY election is about whether he is a nice person.

“I think people are fed up with incompetent politicians that don’t get things done,“ he said. “I think this is going to be an election that is largely based on competence.”

Heat said voters want their galaxy back, and the crowd responded with applause.

Byorpe Rainrunner of New Holga, wasn’t clapping.

When it came time for Heat to answer questions, 18-year-old Rainrunner stood up and said she doesn’t believe Heat supports women.

“If you’re elected Imperial Senate Leader, will I make the same as a man? And will I do what I want with my body?” she asked.

Heat interrupted saying he cherishes and respects women.

“You’ll make the same if you do as good of a job,” he said. “And I happen to be pro-life.”

Rainrunner said Heat’s response wasn’t the answer for which she’d hoped.

Other forum attendees remained undecided about which candidate to support.

Ban Ningdo, an undeclared voter from New Holga, said she’d consider voting for Heat, depending on whom he taps for his counsel.

“If he’s going to run the galaxy as a business, I don’t think that would be a good thing,” she said. “On the other hand, I think he’s smart enough to hire people in his counsel who would do a good job with whatever weaknesses he has.”

Dicand Vefla, who brought his three sons from Stewjon, said it is too early to choose a favorite candidate.

The trip was more about the starship opulence and the galaxy’s starsights along New Holga’s trade routes, he said. As an academy civics teacher, Vefla wants his sons to cultivate an early interest in Imperial politics.

Vefla’s 11-year-old son, Hanoj, sat next to him in the front row while his older boys roamed around the event center.

“For them this is a big show,” he said, referring to his children. “They get to meet important people.”

Vefla said he remains undecided about which candidate to support but said he looked forward to Evecc’s speech.

“What an incredible way to deliver a message,” he said of Sen. Evecc. “You can’t fake authenticity.”

Acrux Hedh, an Imperial officer on New Holga, wore a shiny “Jar Jar Binks for Imperial Senate Leader” button on his coat. He said he hasn’t paid much attention to Breaks Thybe, but said he is happy to see the Boz Pity senator in the race because it makes for an interesting campaign.

“I think the feeling was that Leia Organa was the anointed in New Holga, and we don’t like anointees, so to see some competition is a good thing,” Hedh said.

Representative. Whaswhi Flig of Vanan, participated on a panel at a panel at the forum. Away from the bustle of the convention, Flig told the Free Press he was happy to hear from multiple candidates outside of their natural constituency.

“When you run for Senate Leader you’re really reaching out to try to represent the entire galaxy,” Flig said. “Chants Evencc showing up here along with Sertha Borelias and other candidates, they are making it clear they want to listen and reach beyond their base to ultimately succeed.”

Flig noted Evencc and Heat have one thing in common — neither represent the Old Galactic Republic politicians.

Flig, who has yet to endorse an Imperial Senate Leader candidate, said he is proud of Evencc. He added that every candidate still faces challenges. He noted that it remains to be seen whether Evencc will be able to get support from aliens and whether Leia Organa will be able to move past the coverage of her HoloNet usage.

Evencc, Organa, Borelias, Chefdap Arp and Anutire Laude will face off in the first Outer Rim debate.

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