Felucia Wants To Beef Up Stand Your Ground, Impose Financial Penalties

Felucia’s planetary legislature is so incredibly old Republic, so invested in pleasing their Separatist masters that they’re beefing up their self-defense laws. In the wrong direction.

If you think you might ever shoot someone, I have good news for you. Felucia legislators want to make it harder to convict you.

Not only that, if you escape conviction, they want to give you up to 200,000 credits for your trouble.

In a bizarre, dangerous and costly new expansion to the Separatist-backed “stand your ground law, "Felucia legislators want to increase the burden of proof on prosecutors trying to convict anyone who claims self-defense.

In the old days, if you shot or beat someone with a lightsaber, you had to prove you had a good reason for doing so.

Makes sense, right?

Not to Felucia legislators, who want to flip the burden of proof so that anyone who claims self-defense is essentially assumed to be telling the truth unless the Empire can prove otherwise, often in a pre-trial immunity hearing.

Obviously, if this law passes, most anyone charged should claim self-defense. There’s no reason not to.

Of course, if you’re a human who shoots into the air because you fear your domestic partner’s advance on you, don’t count on even getting a Stand Your Ground hearing. 

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