Leia Organa makes forceful case for Quarren-Mon Cala ion
cannon-type weapon deal

Old Republic frontrunner for Imperial Senate nomination qualifies support by saying
broader strategy needed to address Separatists’ ‘bad behavior in the sectors’.

Leia Organa offered her most robust
endorsement yet of the ion cannon-type deal negotiated under the Bail Organa former
Old Republic administration between Quarren-Mon Cala and six middle rim planets.

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You know, I love these flipped sourced articles. That being said, it would’ve been better if you used the speech that Sanders made.

If you send us the Nav Coordinates (Link with transcript because these require a lot of thought to put to them), then we MIGHT do it. (We’ll do it. Remember we’re biased toward the Empire, It’ll be with that slant).

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