I’m hearing a certain group of angry EU/Legends fans have gotten together to give ‘Aftermath’ a bunch of 1 star reviews, and at DragonCon they apparently forced poorly written pamphlets on people and even tried to disrupt a Rebels panel. This is shameful. Chuck Wendig said it best:
“That’s not what being a fan is. Loving something is fandom. Hate isn’t, or shouldn’t be, part of it. Fandom is about sharing awesome things with like-minded people. It isn’t about spreading hate and forming spiteful tribes.”
And I know some of you will be quick to point to some of Wendig’s less than loving comments about certain aspects of Star Wars. But let’s be fair here; These people have out done even the most rabid Prequel haters. They have truly come to represent the absolute dark side of Star Wars fandom.

From a fan.

1) Look @Disney starwars you need to put together a Bill of Rights or expectations for fans because on your opening day you will have lunatics coming to the Theater attacking people. That’s not fair to some of us that enjoy what you are doing and don’t care about what’s coming out, we’re enthusiastic that it’s coming out.

2) This young person who wrote the above quote works just as hard as I do in Star Wars fandom. 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week. Putting blog posts, podcasts, managing social media, all of this while in school and a job. Bankrupting ourselves to attend cons like SWCA, and others. We heavy duty fans don’t deserve cruelty like this. We don’t. We get ZERO respect and ZERO acknowledgement. Hey you won’t read this and it’s okay. But it proliferates the haters to catch your attention before those fans trying to make a difference in positive Star Wars fandom.

3) You all need to thank us holding it down before this movie comes out. So for me, I expect to have some kind of appreciation movie tickets to the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens as much as I sacrificed my life for this endeavor. I want 50 other tickets for my friends to the Star Wars The Force Awakens premiere too. We deserve it. You wouldn’t have anything for what we do for you guys on Social Media. And I know you can include us. IJS.

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