Shequz Quarkgold: People keep forgetting
that the Force ‘wrote the Imperial Articles of Convention’

Moff Shequz
Quarkgold this week warned Imperials to remember that the Force “wrote the Imperial
Articles of Convention” based on the Jedi codes.

During an appearance on Owlita Dawnwatcher ThyChani Galactic Evangelism
Holovid (GEHV), host Stock Dawnwatcher asked the Talusian Imperial where the old
Republic had gone wrong.

“I think we got off the track when we allowed our government to
become a secular government,” Quarkgold explained. “When we stopped realizing
that the Force created this galaxy, that it wrote the Imperial Articles of
Convention, that it’s based on the Jedi code and principles.”

“Empires like we have are very easy to destroy,” Dawnwatcher
later noted.

Quarkgold recalled that he had closed the Imperial Senate
rotunda as senator so that members of the Imperial Senate could get “on our
knees seeking the face of the Force.”

“And I really feel now, ThyChani Subcommander Dawnwatcher, the Force
has heard us, I see it moving. And I pray every day for an awakening in this galaxy,”
he said, adding that people should get involved.

“Join a group, an Imperial party or whatever.”


((Not the real pic of the named character. It is an Imperial Advisor))

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