When will Alderaanians, Rebels,
and Dathomirians stop talking over slave dancers? All I’m seeing are a lot of holos
refusing to consider the fact that slave dancers have different experiences. 

and Dathomirians are willfully obtuse about to the slave dancers who got into
stripping, escorting, sugaring, etc. just for fun and supplemental income. And
if we’re non-human but enjoying or did enjoy the line of work we chose then
we’re completely ignored because people would rather see us as victims. Bonus
points if you’re Askajian and Pa’lowick; then they REALLY don’t give a poodoo
about you.

Every time I see those silly pole
dancing posts where Dathomirians are shaming dancers or Rebels ignoring the
stories of non-human slave dancers who got into the industry by choice not
force I just cringe. The Alderaanians are even worse cause they’re either a speciests
trying to disguise themselves as some sort of champion for slave dancer’s
rights or they’re just down right vulgar and sexist all while whining about
high prices and not getting free lap dances. They act as if this isn’t an
actual job for us.

If you’ve never been a slave
dancer and/or not familiar with slave dancing at all then you really shouldn’t
open your mouth on the subject.

It’s unnerving because a lot of
you are being gassed for this poodoo and pass on inaccurate information about
what we go through.

If this post leaves you pressed
you’re definitely one of the people I’m addressing. By the way: I’m only
speaking for myself. I just used examples of other slave dancers. Signed, an
annoyed Twi’lek who happens to be a slave dancer.


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