Aldhanab, Alderaan University Professor: Imperial Human Males a ‘Galactic Problem

A newly hired
Alderaanian professor has come under fire for several anti-human speciest comments
she made on the HoloNet, but the University says she is simply practicing free

assistant professor of Alien Xenomorphic studies and a Twi’lek, Bileato Aldhanab blasted Imperial
human males, which drew criticism on the HoloNet.

“Imperial Human
masculinity isn’t a problem for the galaxy’s academies, Imperial Human masculinity
is THE problem for galactic academies,” Aldhanab comlinked.

In another
comlink, she wrote, “Every Rusaan Reformation holiday, I commit myself to not
spending a credit in Imperial Human male-owned businesses. And every year I
find it nearly impossible.”

In another comlink
she called Imperial Human males a “galactic problem population”.

The comlinks
were first discovered by Raithal Academy student Gasus Planetburn, who compiled
them on his HoloNet site “SoAkademd”.

Planetburn questioned Aldhanab’s ability to teach in a diverse classroom
setting when she displays such obvious Imperial Human Species, particularly
male hostility on the HoloNet.

“You have to
teach academy aged Imperial human males eventually, no? …This seems like you
are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of
special bias against them,” he wrote.

Planetburn told the HoloNet that he hopes to “show the rest of galaxy how nasty
alien xenomorph speciests are in non-Imperial academies.”

Lectronflight, commissioner for the Commission of the Preservation of the New
said he was “not surprised that Alderaan University hires an
anti-human alien xenopmorph speciest and Twi’lek to teach there.”

specieism is rampant in Alien Xenomorph studies programs and they generally
indoctrination students to re-establish the useless and wasteful bygone days of
the Old Republic.” Dyeing Lectronflight said.

University spokesbeing Kraz Fectte said the university stands by its decision to
hire Aldhanab and said she is “exercising her right to free speech.”

Lectronflight argued that the university’s response shows a double-standard on species freedom of speech,
specifically that of humans.

“If she were
a humancentrist speciest rather than an anti-human speciest, she would never be
hired. Professors are supposed to be experts in some scholarly field, and
professionals in their discourse. They don’t have a license to indoctrinate
students in their prejudices,” he said.

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