SWAG 77 Cannot do spontaneous #RP. It kills our system.

Spontaneous #RP is not conducive to our process. We don’t do it. If that is what you are interested in, then SWAG 77 is probably not for you.

Forcing RP on others to follow a storyline that veers far away from general story concepts and tropes is not the kind of thing we support.

How do you go somewhere when you have no map? A script gives a map and the expected outcomes. At SWAG 77 we like that.

There are numerous other RP groups around that can cater to your needs. And SWAG 77 caters to reading, writing and staying on top of current Star Wars events from the website, to books, to Disney and verifiable sources.

Deviation from that will cause our characters to go silent. That is the way we do it.

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