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Giddy, Bo-Katan hears his smooth deep voice as they both say wedding vows.

Mhi solus tome
Mhi solus dar’tome

Mhi me dinui an
Mhi ba juri verde

She feels the strong grip of his hands as he pulls her close and exchange with a kov’nynir – a headbutt called a Keldabe kiss. She giggles as he has a huge silly grin. She palms his rustic face as two of his closest squad members shouted, “KOV’NYNIR!”

Bo laughs, yet her heart feels vacant because she never told a soul in her military division. Her official story she would tell her unit that she attended an “Intelligence Summit for Death Watch”. Only select few officers had invitations and it was at an undisclosed planet near the Outer Rim in space.

She snaps back to the present and knows the Commander and her were married and it violated Mandalorian Death Watch codes. He was a senior officer and she was his subordinate. It was unethical for Death Watch at this time of war – a war that does not include Mandalorians. A war called the Clone Wars and it was about two behemoth governments: the Republic versus the Separatists grabbing for planets in the galaxy. For the Mandalorians, they have stayed neutral, but that is not what Death Watch wanted, they wanted to rule their part of the galaxy equally with these two other governments.

The officiator asks Bo to sign the flimsiwork when the Commander’s comlink ringtone signals. He activates it and recorded hologram of his superior officers is projected into the space. His mission was to leave current the current location as the blue lights dance int he air and a red light moves in a path to a location that Bo knows as the “Unknown Regions” of the galaxy.

Bo-Katan backs away from his embrace in shock. The Commander returns with a “you knew this would happen” face, and then turns to pack his sack. His squad follows him. Within a couple of hours, a huge ship lands, refuels and takes the Commander and his squad to their new mission. Bo-Katan smells brackish exhaust as the unmarked ship leaves its trail with her husband on it. Then she prepares her starship to return her to her military station.

She accepts military life. She accepts being military wife. But she does not accept these pervasive thoughts which rattle her mind – was she really married? There was no official record. She did not sign any flimsiwork. But for that brief moment, her grief led to tears and face turns to red by the absence of her lover, her jag, her husband. By the time the coordinates were set and she was in hyperspace and tears overflow until the engines slow and her ship descends into its destination.

Several months later, she receives holocommunique with misspellings, with rushed holographics. It stated that the Commander was dead. Her face twitches and she searches the holoreports. None show any indications of his death. “Another True Mandalorian lie.”

Time passes and she is on Carlac with another attempt to overrun the New Mandalorian government on Mandalore led by Commander Pre Vizsla. This cold-climate planet erodes Death Watch ships and the local people as frustrations ride high to achieve freedom for Mandalore. The Mandalorian back channel networks help avoid detection by both the Republic and the Separatists governments. “I must conceal our whereabouts to save Mandalore,” these thoughts rote through her mind. She found comfort with this current assignment with Pre Vizsla. “These military tactics do not make sense. Contact Onderonians for what?”

She twists the last bolt to the holonet relay so that the squad can receive communications from a recent snowstorm knockout. Flips several switches in rapid succession, which cycle and click through their routers and checks. The high pitch sounds blurps and switch to low reverberations. Red, green and blue lights blink in distinct patterns as several bandwidths of communications are online. Like a musician playing an instrument, Bo-Katan nods to everyone around her to receive the first slew of well-missed notes since the snowstorm.

The first group contain titles from the underground Death Watch networks on Mandalore with the latest intelligence and news. This routine was the usual. Next the specific personal messages for soldiers. She proudly disseminates those. Then the encrypted messages for Pre Vizsla. She downloaded them to a separate holodevice and handed it to his assistant. For what seems an extra-long time a tiny private message appears for her on the feed.

The astonishment on her face as she receives a personal holomessage. Eager, she opens it to see it was from the Commander Teti Viba and it had a recent date. Her heart flutters with hope to see his words and his face on hologram. She smiles to prepare herself to act demure and sexy. Who knows? She might return the holomessage with urgency. She activates the hologram as letters tick off with comments.

Cyar’ika. I am sorry it took so long to send you this message. I hope all is well with you. I never made my mission to the Unknown Regions. I am no longer serving Death Watch. I am dar’manda. I have relocated to a planet nearby and I have a wife. We are happy and we are expecting our third child – a boy. I just thought you should know and keep fighting for the cause.  Ret’.

Teti Viba

Bo-Katan closes the hologram and her eyes feeling numb from what she heard. It was over and there was nothing she could do. She felt sick, but her ability to cry evacuated from her body. She sat quietly unable to speak until one of her squad members woke her from her trance to speak to an Onderonian Rebel named, Lux Bonteri.

She pressed a few buttons on the communications relay to erase the message and put on her warm Nite Owl helmet. Her jetpack activates and she flies to the rendezvous point to meet this child. Her feet lands on the soft snow as she monitors the movements from the boy in her HUD.

“You’re late, kid!”

Original work written in September, 2013

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