SWAG 77 Past #StarWars RP Performances – Eden Lynch, Empire, Fives

Eden Lynch is half Umbaran and half ThyChani. She rose through the ranks in the Umbaran Shadow Academy though she is weak in the Force – having telepathy and technopathy. She is fortunate to work under the Emperor’s Chief Advisor Sly Moore for the Imperial Senate, and be a part of the Humanocentric Eugenics Breeding program set up by the Imperial Officers. It is only for humans, and those aliens that can pass for human – which Eden does. Her breeding partner is a married Imperial Officer named Erichammel Vaiken – a descendant of a very famous family from the planet Drommand Kaas. Eden is the handmaiden to him and he abuses her. All of that changes when she meets her protection, CT-27-5555, or a former Grand Army of the Republic clone named Fives who finds a way to protect Eden with Darth Vader’s help.

Eden Lynch {{Art by Shannon Maer}}

Published by Yemmy

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