Star Wars: The Clone Wars Caps: The Clone Wars Bonus Content – Distribution Method Rumour



I’m sure most of us have seen the rumour posted by Jedi News a few days ago about how the Clone Wars bonus content may be released. It is not a good thing, we should not be dismissing what is said, even in a mere rumour.

This is what was said: “A Disney branded app for Star Wars will launch on…

If this becomes true, they have gone to far. I hope lucas feels like shit for what he has done by selling to Disney, who has done more bad things then good.

Lucas, please buy your life back from the evil empire.

Purchasing off of iTunes is not that hard. And it’s actually nice because the licenses are already there. Sorry that you feel that way about Disney and Lucasfilm, but it is business after all and Lucas has moved on with his life and family.

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