The Unsung Hero

For SWAG 77 ~ Star Wars Actors Guild 77 our unsung hero is Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders.


Tireless! Vigilant! Dedicated!

She gave up her life in molecular genetics to reach back to young people in high school to help them overcome cyberbullying incidences. She said, if they are going to roleplay on Facebook, or Twitter, then they should start reading, writing and participating in Star Wars fan related projects. 

She has been right there with them. 

Through the SWAG 77 Podcast, co-produced by JDMaul Productions – who is owned by a promising 16 year old young man, they have expanded their reach to speak on a variety of projects as it relates to Star Wars.

The social media of Star Wars by the fans varies. From a Lucasfilm Ltd point of view, it is okay to transmit subject matter as long as the fans do not attempt to make money from endeavors. 

It is hoped by Dr. Moore-Sanders that SWAG 77 would obtain all the character portrayals on social media for Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. 

The issue is, sure, Lucasfilm Ltd. can create their own fictional character pages, but page management and fan management are two different activities. One must be sociable on social media, as of now, it is not apparent on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, on Twitter, it seems that only those in the “inner circle” are spoken to, whereas, other celebrities speak to anyone they choose, freely (i.e. The TV show: “Scandal”)

Two-dimensional outreach has a long way to go on social media, but one-day, it will have a more realistic impact than the current “uncanny valley” it is undergoing at the moment. When it does, SWAG 77 will be ready, due to the diligence of Dr. Moore-Sanders.

Moreover, Star Wars fans are a very tight-knit community, and Dr. Moore-Sanders has done whatever it takes to speak to celebrities of Star Wars, and to top fan organizations, i.e. The 501st Legion – the top costuming group, The Mandalorian Mercs, and The Dark Empire. Costumed players – cosplayers – have been the most supportive of SWAG 77 efforts and have supported Dr. Moore-Sanders from the help she has given them.

Her viewpoint is to provided similarities with cosplaying groups without having the rigors of making a costume, but the rigors of a lot of creative writing and editing. It is the trade off that some do not prefer, but she loves. She believes that writing is a skill that everyone needs in life and wants to extend that to all who desire it.

Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders is the Unsung Hero who deserves to be honored as the community manager who has best used social media to grow, support and provide value to an online community.

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