Breaking Social

Breaking Social – Most innovative or unique use of a social tool, platform or application.

SWAG 77 has used Facebook and Twitter in such a unique way that rarely are there other groups have the high standards we uphold for portrayal of Star Wars characters.

We have set the way we create our Facebook Fan Pages that is consistent that honors the Lucasfilm Ltd content creators. 

The images used on key pages are from Lucasfilm Ltd, Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television show.

One example is Bo-Katan – she is a female Mandalorian women that is a Lieutenant for a “splinter terrorist” group called Death Watch.


She is the new strong female character in the Star Wars genre.

We created her Facebook Page with only the following words: Confident, Sardonic, Deadly.

We built our ideas from reading several books and hoping questions were answered by the content creators, such a the Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Supervising Director, Dave Filoni. He answered our questions to gain insights in this “Bo-Katan” Character.

We added an “in character” Tumblr blog, then gave her a Twitter account.

More progress has been seen on Facebook in doing what we do as shown on the Lemons to Lemonade

When Lucasfilm Ltd. permitted SWAG 77 to have a fan table at Star Wars Celebration VI, the owner purchased a replica helmet to “cosplay” as the character.

It took a lot of confidence to wear this helmet, but it has been a lot fun.

SWAG 77 figures that other characters can be launched similarly. While other people can create pages, within 2-3 months these pages are abandoned. The majority of our Star Wars character portrayal pages are updated frequently.

Because hope to have a license from Lucasfilm Ltd. or contract to portray their characters on Facebook. Mainline characters can easily garner LIKES, comments and interaction.

Though Lucasfilm Ltd. can initiate their own Facebook and Twitter character pages and accounts and do a really decent job, OUR pages requires standards, and daily interactions with fellow fan and posters.

And that is why SWAG 77 knows it is “breaking social”.

Please review the rest of our blog to see our activity. Thank you.

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