Han Solo

What can we say? Han Solo is one of the most prolific characters of Star Wars, and we are the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 ~ SWAG 77. 


Scoundrel! Ruffian! Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder! WE KNOW HAN SOLO!

He often would doing things out the spur of the moment if the novels by A.C. Crispin were read. Then, by the time he met Chewbacca who owed him a life debt, there were the two of them and since then, the rest is history…

SWAG 77 has had to go it alone before being recognized by Lucasfilm, Ltd. 

We had to organize and implement basic roleplaying concepts, and how we operate our pages

We suffered tremendous grief online for our process that has stood the test of time. Rather than showing the images of the harassment, we prefer to show you our successful campaign – the character, Ahsoka Tano:


In the movie and hit television show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano was a Torgrutan female who became the padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. She was 13-14 years old when she started and her naivete was apparent. Over the course of the Clone Wars, she had become wise. 

In our hands, this Ahsoka Tano page was started in 2010, we had several administrators, but until a more dedicated administrator, Josh Spaugh joined SWAG 77, the increased levels of likes did not happen until the beginning of 2012.

By the end of 2012, we had nearly 800 likes and still rising. Suddenly in 2013, our like levels exponential increased to nearly 1700.

What we gain from that is interaction from fans of Ahsoka, that we play “in character” showing the adherence to canon, continuity and timeline of the content creators at Lucasfilm, Ltd.

What the content creators receive from us is more fans inquiring about the other products that feature Ahsoka Tano, and appreciation of the artistry of the character.

We hope to several characters in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and other eras can be portrayed similarly.

We are the only group that has these standards, different from a roleplaying game or “RPG” which rely on die, or a “massively multi-user online roleplaying game” or “MMORPG” that relies on computer coding to organize player games.

What makes our system different is the platform. The basic design of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are far from amenable to the coding of games without an application program (app). Our fans want to “TALK” to their favorite character and have “ANSWERS” that are “in character” rather than some “bot” program (as seen on Twitter). This acting requires a lot of skills that one does not develop playing  online games, and the rules to a RPG are too rigid for a social media platform.

Our system is more like producing, directing and acting for a movie, television show or play, rather than basing it on RPG rules. It inherently adds excitement to the fans and the actors portraying the character. It can bolster any product per recommendation. Ironically, individuals come privately and divulge their innermost personal secrets, though we forbid that. Nevertheless, the desired need to connect with fictional characters are extraordinarily huge and the field is open, for now.

SWAG 77 and it’s parent group ISCA is at the forefront on the most successful procedures in implementing this process.

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