SWAG 77 Reads: Our reading list and how-tos by @JDMaul_Prods

Promoting reading through Star Wars Books
Promoting reading through Star Wars Books

Here at SWAG 77 (Star Wars Actors Guild 1977), we highly encourage all fans of all “fanverses” to read the literature of their fandom. Of course when referring to us it is Star Wars books, comics, resource books, blogs, articles etc.  Hopefully you are reading right now!


This article however is about one thing:  BOOKS
SWAG 77 is preparing to discuss Star Wars: Scoundrels three chapters a week.

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We also recently discussed Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy.

The Shadow Collective
The Shadow Collective

How SWAG 77 Reads Books:

It takes more than just reading to prepare for a podcast. Preparing for a podcast takes the following how-tos:

      1. Write a short summary after each chapter of the book
      2. Add your own commentary and thoughts
      3. Keep character logs for tracking character and story developments
  1. SUMMARY: When you read a book and look back it is hard to remember what happens on each individual chapter. However often in books discussions are split up based off of chapters. So we suggest writing a short summary after each chapter to look back on and ensure you understand what happened.
  2. COMMENTARY: It is important in a discussion to add commentary of what you think not recite what you know. Write down your thoughts as you go, predictions, theories, allusions, etc.  Either write them on a sticky note. We also annotate in the book margins.
  3. CHARACTER LOG: Sometimes keeping a character log can prove very beneficial. Write up a log of every character with a short description for each one.  Write up important things that happen to characters, any history that is important or any other things that may help you remember who is who. This way if there is a character that disappears for ten chapters you can flip back to the log and boom!

As the SWAG 77 Podcast prepares for the analysis of Star Wars: Scoundrels we would want you all to be prepared to follow along!

The discussion begins February 10th at 5:30 PM Pacific Time. It will only be on chapters 1-3. Expect an episode release a few days later.


Stay tuned for more “SWAG 77 Reads” articles by JDMaul!!!

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