Initial thoughts on #StarWarsCVI


Star Wars Celebration 6 is a place for the ultimate Star Wars fan to commiserate and develop their fandom. This is a good thing for fans who are starting and fans who are experts.

There are many panels available to fans. The panels with the famous people or activities are much more difficult to get into unless there are private paid tickets.

Criticism would be, how can one day pass holders be outranked from 4 day and higher pass holders? If there are ticket price rankings, then those who spend the money deserve first access to events at specific times. Or you charge persons. What is the point of purchasing a $800+ VIP Jedi pass, and they are unable to stand 20 hours in the line, and then not to be admitted into an event seems lame on the part of the organizers. After being a benefactor to believe in the goals and ideals of Star Wars Celebration, there must be some benefit! One is the access to key events.


Next, while there is an “Arena” with Laser Tag at the Star Wars Celebration, but most of the attendees appeared to be morbidly obese. These are wonderful people, and personable. And, quite a few people were sprawled out on the ground after suffering some kind of major medical event. These people are in need of support from a health perspective. It is an opportune time to have key 2-3 health organizations, and providers willing to speak on this subject and help fans achieve a health goal.


Moreover, there were ZERO health food options for purchase! The fruits and vegetables lacked freshness and were undesirable. Whether this is an artifact of the location, still, individuals had heart attacks for attending Star Wars Celebration.

Is being a Star Wars fan unhealthy?

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