Indiegogo SWAG 77 Campaign

For some people, what we do doesn’t matter. But for a few, it makes all the difference in the world. To perform, to write, to produce and to edit. To be valued as a member of the team through social media. Isn’t that what community is all about?

SWAG 77 is Social Media Entertainment and Performance. We have a fan table at Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando, Florida. One of the first fan groups of its kind to have a fan table at this year’s celebration. We are fortunate.

For us to go, we need items like hardwired ethernet service that costs $1000 to hook up and to have our booths be professional and clean since we are not cosplayers, but perform on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

We are launching an “Indiegogo” Campaign to raise funds to deliver the best social media experience to you for Star Wars. It will be as if you were on the floor of the convention yourself! Won’t you help us? Your gift will go a long way to keep kids safe on the internet, free from cyberbullying, productive on Facebook. Thank you.


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