The concerns of the Rebels? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of Galactic Empire. We Chiss look back at our long history of conflict with outside Chiss Space. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice

Mitth’raw’nuruodo (flipped source)

He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Rebels. We just love Chiss the most. Real love–not cliche. We want to see the Chiss happy, so we employ them. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his progeny to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the galaxy’s power structure in our favor. We want to see the Chiss safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want to remain Chiss, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind humans, the Rebels have had the opportunity and every right in the galaxy to do the same, but they choose to indict sectors like me for not hiring them over my own fellow Chiss. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Chiss love. In contrast, the Rebels will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other their own who they should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us specieist, then what would you call the Chiss’ indifference to their own situation?

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