The #GetThrawnIn project was created and implemented by a Black woman who owns SWAG77.com


I am male. From 2014 to current, the underpinnings and conceptual design of the #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels project was organized by a PhD scientist who is also a Star Wars fan that has had two consecutive years of Star Wars fan tables at Celebration. 2017 will be our third time.

She is a professional political organizer that marched against the Klu Klux Klan in Forsythe County, Georgia in 1987 with Hosea Williams and Ralph Abernathy who marched with MLK. She fought against South African Apartheid with Amnesty International. She stood endured the LA Riots in 1992. And she fought for Obamacare. If anyone were to get across the reasoning it took to present to a corporation in a professional manner, this would be Dr. G-

She hates behind the scenes discussions, because there are ignorant children that are disrespectful and are dumb about history and are cruel to people. But I’ve known Dr. G- since 2003 and when she came to me with this cause, I wanted to be involved. When she is attacked by idiots, I fight back hard.

Pep-No you calling Bo-Katan crazy who needs Psychiatric Help is ABLEIST RACISM. It shows that Dr. G- outmaneuvers your weak argument that’s flawed. Your Star Wars fandom is fucked up and you are a bigot.

To anyone who hates the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 and sees our Twitter work, we have no official RP since 2015. What you see on Twitter is us being nice with other people and fooling around. Generally, we do not RP much after May 2016 due to a racist in the group lying about our membership and money. It is why we do not have new membership. It takes a lot of training.

We can write to our liking. We are fine with that. All hate can be answered here: bit.ly/ThrawnStore1

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