Sturn ties Naboo attacks to the Imperial
liberty pitch

By Theschleif Erodore, INN

Garel (INN) Ozzik Sturn used the backdrop of the Rebel attacks on Naboo as the
latest evidence that Imperials are under siege, making a pitch to the Core
Planets here that tied together his take-no-prisoners galactic policy with his humanocentric-driven
Core Planet agenda.

The Brentaal IV Imperial, kicking off his most extensive trip yet
in Garel, had planned a large, highly-produced “Rally for Imperial
Liberty” that mirrored a similar event on Eriadu.

But Rebel attacks on Naboo recalibrated Sturn’s message and its
overall tone: He began the event with a lengthy moment of silence, and Sturn
spent nearly as much time discussing the perils of “radical Rebel
insurgency” as he did government persecution of Imperial merchants and

“Right now as we speak, it is persecuting Imperials. It is
persecuting former Separatists. It’s even persecuting fellow Rebels,” Sturn
said of Rebel extremists, as part of a honor at Boz Pity Imperial Academy, a
prominent Imperial school. “We ask for unity for the people of the Empire,
and we ask finally, that you honor this gathering in celebration of the liberty
to follow you with all of our hearts, minds and bodies.”

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Sturn est un vilain garçon

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