This campaign is about getting Grand Admiral Thrawn, a formidable character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, back into the new canon, particularly Star Wars Rebels TV show. 

 We feel that he is a good character to add because most of Star Wars Rebels revolves around art and freedom of expression. As an antagonist and villain, Thrawn uses art to learn more about the species to conquer them.
His skin is blue and his entire eye (sclera) is red. His species are Chiss. They are the equivalent of “Vulcans” (an extreme loose interpretation) from Star Trek, so this character would be a commemoration and memorial of the life lived by Leonard Nimoy.   

This campaign endorses positive fandom through compassionate communication. Our goal is to show through social media popularity, the economic efficacy, mutual benefit and ROI for adding this exquisite character.
We feel that the executives that are met respectfully will meet the desires and needs of the Star Wars fans. We must have virality to this project for its success that is in the absence of hateful confrontation.


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Change.org Petition: The Walt Disney Company: Get the Star Wars character Grand Admiral Thrawn on Star Wars Rebels

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