Sociopath Behaviors Observed in some #StarWars “fans”

At the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, we desire to support and promote all aspects of fandom, and the content creators in cast and production of Disney, Lucasfilm and Star Wars.

We do this on a volunteer basis as a fan organization under the license of Ariafya LLC.

The image below is an example from a sociopath that attacks our values and doxxes me on social media. This behavior is par for the course. What this page did was to post incendiary comments on SWAG 77 pages, and we asked him to stop. There were comment filled vitriol on the Jar Jar Binks page that said: “Jar Jar Binks is a f****** idiot” (pardon). The comment was deleted, the page was banned, but it did not stop with the 500 pages that SWAG 77 runs under The Ari | af | ya Universe. Then…

Then this individual started to like all our SWAG 77 pages on Facebook. Facebook changed a page’s ability to ban another page. Thus, we could not block this page, and the only way to protect our content on pages was to confront the individual on their page, which is an unsafe method.


The same can be seen from other social media sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr.

As a fan organization, we have no protections from Disney, and we fully promote their content from a fan perspective. We are working on a resolution. And we have to protect our assets. Protection would be irrelevant from this incendiary image, if the individual had not doxxed me personally as the owner of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77. As such, as a business, I must address said activities in kind.

The other issue is, only I was attacked personally and no men and no larger pages. And while I would never wish this activity on anyone, it shows the mentality of this individual that runs this page on Facebook.

This incident is another example of “truth by consensus” mentality and self-righteous behavior of a sociopath. To treat this individual with compassion requires licensed expertise I lack.

(Apologies for profanity, NSFW) Original link (x)


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