It may be time to write another letter to Disney Lucasfilm showing our commitment to the safety of the moviegoing public at their product shows…

Dr. G- – owner of Star Wars Actors Guild 77

Because of the uptick in attacks on social media, we believe there is a credible threat of violence, like 2012 Dark Knight Rises. A psychopath will appear at the Star Wars premiere as a lone wolf attacker.

We are not paranoid, we are practical.

Some “fans” (term used loosely) will refuse to attend conventions like Star Wars Celebration or Star Wars Weekends. They will refuse to participate in costuming organizations.  They will refuse to contribute anything positive to Star Wars in its fandom, as seen on Facebook.These are the type of fans who hurt others because they disrupt their coveted rumored knowledge of a fictional story as they pass themselves off as experts in the fandom. It’s almost like an erotomania. 

Why would people attack someone they do not know? Only a mugger does that. It is a power and control cycle.

Any content of Star Wars is valid, let’s enjoy it! If someone likes a particular part, like the new canon, relish in the fact they like Star Wars and encourage them to learn more. It is about sharing in the camaraderie of fandom.

Why make doppelganger accounts to ridicule other people’s accounts? It is illegal and against the terms of service. The only reason that makes sense is to silence the person speaking in his/her space.

Why force people to extra rules in group they did not ask to be in? To force them to comply with arbitrary rules when they do not want to be in the group is a fascist tactic. There is no logic to it. People who say to not ruffle feathers by questioning tactics, such as monitoring tags on posts that are actually social media promotional marketing tools is way to silence the account. 

Sure to heed the advice, is less stress on the person, but it is about integrity and being one’s true self. Especially when there are unwelcome comments, anon hate or doppelganger mocks. 

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is here to stay. Guess Channer-logic (Truth by Consensus) Trolls need to get over it and use to it, because SWAG 77 is stay, unmoved and ever present.  

We are about uplifting content and maintaining relevancy. We are about opportunity and access expansion. We are about innovation in social media. It is what we stand for and it is our guidelines and standards. Our bar is set where we set it because we are ambitious and desirous to be the best at what we enjoy doing and have fun to do. 

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