As a potential employee in a business, you root for the entire business regardless of circumstance in good faith effort.


Business owners have a lot concerns and heavy loads. Their good ideas have fulminated, but now needs a business strategy to unfold and expand. It takes a lot of planning and help.

Potential employees or independent contractors in these tough economic times must prove to business owners that they are trustworthy and a part of the team in good faith effort. It means if the work is legal, honest and important, a potential employee must be willing to show their work and contribution. 

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business in Washington State under the Ariafya Limited Liability Corporation.

As such the operations are monitored by the state and local governments. It takes a lot of work to do this social media business. 

When discordant sociopaths attack the business, it is met with swift suppression rather than argument. Social media is not amenable resolving arguments. 

Moreover, it is not content as to how this argument unfolds. It is emotion about a fictional story that brings a lot heart-felt sadness in fantastical world. An advertiser would leverage that market to pull the purse strings that feeds that rage. 

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is about storytelling to communicate ideas creatively on social media as a form of entertainment by a strong, accurate and authentic portrayals of Star Wars characters. We want to uplift creatives to wherever they find themselves to be. 

Despite how one feels through the instability of emotion, the fact still remains, social media and SWAG 77 are here to stay as a foundation to encourage and support creatives.

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