Sorry to be a pest or a party pooper, but would you mind either not posting porn in the ‘#star wars rebels’ tag, or at least tagging it with NSFW? There are a lot of underaged folks and kids checking that tag. Even cropped, it may not be something they need or want to see. Thank you!



What’s wrong with the male form? We report the news and we think that the public should have a right to know about their Imperials. Don’t you?

It’s common courtesy to tag posts NSFW when they’re showing off that much regardless of them being male or female. It’s also to help Tumblr with their own filtering when it comes to mobile platforms. Regardless of age, not everyone wants to come across nudity or near nudity, especially when filters can’t capture it because it hasn’t been tagged.

We respect our sources to write our story exclusives on the back stories of all major operatives in our galaxy, including past images of Imperials. If there is a problem with our story, then we would honor your comment, but we will not succumb to a cyberattacks like Sony to capitulate to the likes of your kind that erode our Freedoms of expression or press.

We are born nude. This is a half naked man. Nothing is wrong with this current image. We are not going to bend to your self-righteous regulations. Do you own Tumblr?

Have a Merry Christmas as we are enjoying our holiday with our families, loved ones and friends!

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