//fan sense & screenwriter sense — 2 different things Obi-Bo ship will never happen cos #StarWarsRebels

Fans want Obi-Bo Ship – Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bo-Katan relationship. But the Star Wars screenwriters won’t do that because it will not sell tickets, or Nielsen ratings. A plot point using race as a factor sells for the sensationalism. Don’t think so? Shonda Rhimes “Scandal” with Kerry Washinton or “Sleepy Hollow” with Nicole Beharie. We get was George Lucas wants. That’s fine. But it makes it tough to abandon these tie ins made years ago & seem like it’ll come together.

But it’s fun RPing it this way. It give the Fandom geek out.

Obi-Wan Kenobi hooks up with the sister of his OTP and they get busy and have a daughter named Mara Jade after Bo-Katan’s mother, which was her Death Watch name – her mother’s real name was Arla Fett – the sister of Jango Fett, the aunt of Boba Fett. Because Arla had gone crazy, she is the one who gave Mara Jade to the Emperor.

We weren’t able to do the abduction RP.

How come Obi-Wan and Bo didn’t try to save their daughter, Mara? Because Obi-Wan had Luke. Bo-Katan didn’t have the squad to extract and keep her. Every time she tried it, Mara would run back to the Emperor who Force Bonded with her tightly and the Imperial fleet would bombard the planet she was taken to. Bo-Katan is lucky she did not die. Obi-Wan could not risk his cover for Vader to hunt him down and take his son, Luke.

At least that’s the way we RP the story.

Tell us what you think?

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