THROWBACK #StarWars #RP RFRS: Yuuzhan Vong Fleet Entechment


Running Title: RFRS: Vong Worldship Entechment

Conflict: Man vs Machine


After the Yuuzhan Vong war, residual large biots, or biotech organic animals that the Yuuzhan Vong had genetically engineered, were left in the Galaxy uninfected by Alpha Red and were unclaimed by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Some of the Shamed Yuuzhan Vong who did not make it to the planet Zonama Sekot sought reinstatement of their birth Castes.

The Shamed Yuuzhan Vong attempted to salvage the large biots and ships that remained by planets undergoing the “vongforming” process that was once conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong to give greater Glory back to the True Way Faith of the god, Yun Yuuzhan under the direction of the Supreme Overlord.

imageThe Shamed Yuuzhan Vong flew into Mandalorian Space and immediately the base attacked! The captured Shamed Yuuzhan Vong without weaponry or armor undergone the painful “entechment” process to grab information as to what they were doing in Mandalorian Space!

Shocked as to what he found out, Admiral and Senator Ala Viszla discovered that Senator Yemaja Lah of Haruun Kal and some other shady individuals were behind the incursion of the Shamed Yuuzhan Vong on Mandalorian Space!

WATCH the performance of how this delicate situation that could put the Galaxy in endless war from powerful entities!

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Act 1: “Incursion in Mandalorian Space”

Act 2: “Rhelg Xenobiological Zoological Society”

Act 3: “Amalgamation of Worldships and BB Guyver-mor”

Act 4: “Retribution Against Coerced Implanted Biots”

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