THROWBACK #StarWars #RP: “Force Energy Weapons” Synopsis


imageDuring the Galactic Civil War, rumors abound about Force Energy weapons, dark and light sided ones…Those blind to the Force did not understand these weapons, nor did they care. But then Grey Jedi Master Mischel Deese, with the support of the Force Potentium sent a Zettabyte file to the CPU of his former padawan the location of a Light Sided Weapon and its blueprints. They were locked away in the Vaults on planet Begeren. She needed to find a way to get into the vaults undetected. image

By the Force, an opportunity presented itself when Lord Starkiller, and his Brigadier General deposed the leader of the Huxlings Crime Family who made Begeren a haven for terrorists. The Jedi quickly programmed a droid to record the access codes into the vaults. 

imageInterestingly, Lord Starkiller who did not know of the weapon’s existence, needed access to the Vaults to gather the names of enemies to Lord Sidious and Lord Vader for the Prophets of the Dark Side. Once the Jedi obtained the access codes, the padawan easily slipped into the Vaults and stole the Light Sided Energy Weapon with Crystal Diamond parts and the blueprints. She got intercepted by Mandalorian Death Watch Bounty Hunters who were able to build the weapon, but unable to operated it. The Padawan knew that she was the only Jedi who could use it, but she needed help… For re-testing…

imageSith Apprentice Savage Opress desperately searches for his brother, Darth Maul in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. He had heard of several stories that Darth Maul’s ship, the Scimitar, which was lost en route to the Kuat Ship Yard from the Jedi. After the liberation of Begeren, something in the Force called to him to the moon, Kalakar Six in Sith Space. After he and Galen Marek, the Sith Xopisa Du <Clone 2> spent days on the moon, they see a doppelganger Darth Maul first battles them and then defeated by them. image

The Doppleganger speaks to him about living ships thought to use the Force Potentium on a planet Zonama Sekot. Opress finds this information useless because he knows the ersatz is not his brother. Then a White Hole, opposite that of a Blackhole is opened and shows him the purpose of the living ships as battle ships to fight the Yuuzhan Vong who are extra-galactic beings. Perplexed, Savage says he has seen a Yuuzhan Vong and wonders why the Sith does not want to defeat them?

imageConfounded the Darth Maul ersatz telepaths the White Hole, then immediately, a group of rebels flash a Light Sided Energy Weapon on to him, forcing his thoughts to become that of the light side of the Force. He falls to the ground unconscious. Then the planet Zonama Sekot edged close to Sith Space. The beings who flashed him put him on his ship, set to auto-pilot and allow him to drift wherever it goes hoping he has a new lease in life…

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