Her first mistake was not trusting him with the truth and her second was leaving him behind. Lorka’s first stop was to the Kyr’tsad database, if there was one thing that was a strength of the Death Watch it was their efficiency in record keeping. However, it was also their greatest weakness and he would be addressing that expeditiously. Looking through Bo-Katan’s personnel file he did not find anything that was out of the ordinary.

Orphaned at a very young age. Taken in by Pre Viszla and later recruited by the same into Death Watch. Top of her formal training squad. Three rotations of combat missions. Glowing recommendations from her superiors, including former Overlord Viszla.

Additional notes include: temperamental, easily aggravated, born leader, massive potential, fierce warrior, ever-loyal, plain-spoken, confident, sardonic, and deadly.

None of this surprised Lorka in the least. But then he came upon a recent medical evaluation that she had done prior to his arrival to Concordia.

“Patient complains of muscle aches, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. Initial diagnosis of exhaustion found incorrect upon collection of urine sample. Elevated hGC levels indicated that patient was approximately 10 weeks pregnant with a female child. Further examination showed that patient failed to have her birth-control chip updated causing a failure in the system. Prescribed the patient Zingiber gal and Natrium crackers for morning sickness. Also prescribed vitamins for prenatal care. Recommended that the patient upgrade her birth-control chip once the child is delivered.

Reconstructed the images of the mother and father based on genomic analyses. Since we already had the image of the mother, the image of the father is speculated to be this image:

Lorka sat back for a moment and thought about where he had seen the father’s face. He looked vaguely familiar, almost like a holofilm star whose name was on the tip of his tongue. Then it hit him. Lorka pulled up the surveillance footage from the Sundari prison on the night that Bo-Katan rescued Duchess Satine. There was a Jetii that assisted her wearing Mandalorian super commando armor.

"Shabuir… Kenobi?”

Lorka sealed Bo-Katan’s file and encoded it so that only he would able to access it in the future. Rising from his chair he proceeded directly to the hanger bay. After punching a few buttons on his gauntlet, he knew that his ship would be ready to leave once he arrived. He climbed into the cockpit and set coarse for the one place he knew he could send an absolute secure communication, Concord Dawn.

En route he sent a pre-message alert to his recipient to ensure he would be talking directly with the appropriate audience once he made contact. His shuttle landed inside what appeared to be an innocuous barn for livestock on an unassuming farm. But things were hardly what they appeared. Those buildings only served as the cover for his subterranean estate.

Without breaking a stride, Lorka walked directly from the cockpit to the estate’s secure communications center. As he walked it was as if he had everything timed and paced exactly. He reached the top of the loading ramp as it started it’s decent to the hanger deck and exited just as it finished opening. Each doorway opened perfectly allowing him to walk straight through without stopping. Donning a black robe and crimson mask, he steps into holoprojection chamber and kneels upon the projection pod.

“My Lord I have something you would like to know…”

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